Remote Additive System (RAS)

Is your Chicken Fountain located in a hard to reach place? Under the raised coop? Inside the run? Is it hard for you to get to it to put your additives in such as apple cider vinegar, wormers or vitamins?

Our new Remote Additive System (RAS) can help! The RAS makes it possible to insert additives into The Chicken Fountain from a distance of up to 7 feet (or more) without ever having to remove the access cap on your fountain. The RAS fits all model of the Chicken Fountain and quickly attaches to the water reservoir. No tools are needed.

Our RAS is made of the same heavy duty PVC that The Chicken Fountain is constructed of. The attached semi transparent feeder tubing allows you to see the liquid being dispensed into the system. The simple installation allows you to be up and running in no time at all! Simply remove the access cap on your system, slip the RAS onto the water reservoir and install your cap on the RAS. You then have the ability to stretch the tubing to the outside of the coop to insert your additives. The RAS even works with our optional heater system!

What do I get?
The Remote Access System comes with 3’ of semi transparent tubing (other sized available) with dust cap and a water reservoir adapter.
(We recommend that you use a 60cc irrigation syringe or feeder syringe to insert your liquid supplements such as apple cider vinegar, wormers, vitamins etc. into the system)

How do I use it?
First determine the proper amount of additive you want to mix into the system. Remember to use the proper mixture with the type of Chicken Fountain that you have.
After installing the unit remove the small cap on the tubing. Stretch out the tubing and squirt your liquid additive directly into the end of the tube using a irrigation syringe. Follow it up with one syringe of water to ensure everything has properly flowed into the system. Replace the cap and thats it!

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