Heater Accessory Kit

Heater Accessory Kit
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Our Heater Accessory Kit provides you with the items you will need to help keep your drippers on The Chicken Fountain™ from freezing. Please note that this kit does not include the internal heater (API 250D) unit necessary to maintain the water temperature above freezing. This API 250D unit can be purchased in our shopping cart or on many other web sites.
Our solid copper rods are used to “grab” the heat of the water and transmit that heat to the tip of the drip heads. Because we use solid copper rods (not copper clad) the system can still accommodate additives such as ACV or other water soluble additives. The copper rods can stay in the system all year long and never have to be changed. 

Included with the Heater Accessory Kit is our winter cap which allows you to route the electrical cord for the API 250D 200 watt heater (optional) out the top of your unit.

Simple instruction are included and normally take less then one minute per dripper to install with no tools. The rods can even be installed while the unit is set up and fully operational.


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