Gravity Flow Adapter (GFA)

Gravity Flow Adapter (GFA)
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Gravity Flow Adapter:

Our Gravity Flow Adapter (GFA) is designed for those individuals who choose to water their flock with a low pressure water source. The GFA is a low pressure accessory that simply hooks to a rain barrel or other water source with a 3/4” garden hose connection. (Do not hook-up the GFA up to a pressurized garden hose)

Installation could not be simpler, simply slip it GFA over the top of any of The Chicken Fountain™ models, slightly tighten the three stainless steel set screws, hook up the in-feed line and our internal float valve takes over from there. The float allows just enough water to flow into the system to keep the unit filled. Our float valve will shut off the flow of water to prevent overflowing from the water source and wait to flow water into the system until the next time your flock drinks. It is important to note that because this is a “gravity” fed system the water source must be set at a height higher then The Chicken Fountain™ for water to flow in to the system correctly.

Ensuring that you have a clean water source is important and the installation of a sieve screen on the water line is highly recommended to prevent solids from flowing into the system. Water sources that gather water from asphalt roof run-off, are open to wildlife contamination, have algae or mold should never be used with the system. Clean fresh water should only be with The Chicken Fountain™ and made available to your flock.

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