Brooder Bottle Cap™ Set

Brooder Bottle Cap™ Set
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Set includes two Brooder Bottle Caps™

Our new Brooder Bottle Cap™ will fit a standard soda bottle (sorry no water bottles). Our caps will help you provide clean fresh water to your baby chicks as well as start them on a dripper waterer earlier in life. Our caps also make a great addition to your isolation cage should you have a injured or sick bird. Best of all your new chicks will have access to fresh clean water all while prevent them from accidental drowning. Please note: colors may differ


Using a clean soda bottle (12oz, 16oz, 20oz or 2L) fill with clean water, using a clear bottle will help you keep an eye on your water level. Securly fasten our Brooder Bottle Cap™ to the top of the bottle. Invert the unit and poke a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. Please Note: It is very important to poke a small hole in the bottom of the bottle to allow air to balance within the bottle. Failure to do so may result in improper water flow or no flow from the bottle.

Hang your brooder bottle from the side of your brooder or cage at a comfortable level for your bird(s). You can use any type of wire to securly affix the bottle to the side of the cage i.e wire hanger, picture hanger wire, fence wire, electrical wire etc. Make sure that your bottle is far enough away from your heat source so the water does not get hot. If you have chicks of different sizes set the dripper for the highest bird and provide a setp up for the smaller ones ensuring it does not hinder access  to the larger birds, better yet get extra Brooder Bottle Caps™!

Training is easy... Place a small container under your dripper head and by poking in the dripper allow water to flow out showing the birds how it works. You can also use a rubberband to keep this dripper open but keep a close eye on the water level. Your birds will quickly learn their new water source. Ensure that all birds are properly drinking from the dripper and check the water level often.

*Price is for one set of 2 Brooder Bottle Caps™

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